“The Sophisticate”

Artist: H.C. Cassill
Year: 1948
Mat size: 24 x 20 inches
Image size: 16 x 12 inches

This print entered life as a disaster, but ended up as a great success for a young printmaker. Carroll worked on the plate and then put it in the acid. After working on other plates he went home, forgetting the plate in the acid. When he returned to class the next day he was met in the hall by Lasansky. He asked, “Do you know where your plate is?” This was met by puzzlement, and then a rush of horror when Carroll recalled where he had left it. Together, they examined the by then deeply etched plate. Lasansky suggested that they at least print it and see what was there. Amazingly it looked pretty good and as it turned out the Museum of Modern Art bought one (as Carroll would say, “the first and last purchase from MOMA”). It enjoyed success in acceptances in other shows and sales — a lucky accident indeed.